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Freestanding freezer

  • MechanicalControl


  • Universal door L/R

    Universal door L/R

Freestanding freezer

    • Control system: MechanicalControl
    • Universal door L/R

      The fridge fits perfectly in the kitchen, but the door opens the wrong way? No problem! The fridges with Universal L/R doors have the door mounting holes on both sides, so we can choose the opening direction. What if we rearrange the kitchen or move to another home? It is a universal solution, the door opening direction can be changed at any time. We install. We decide.

  • Equipment

    • Handle place: Outside
    • Front adjustable feet
    • Ice cube tray
  • Technical data

    • Freezing performance/efficiency 10 kg/24h
    • Condenser location: internal
    • Noise level 41 dB
    • Refrigerant : R600a
    • Height 125.2 cm
    • Safe temperature in case of power supply failure 7 h
    • Annual energy consumption 228.73 kWh
    • Width 54.5 cm
    • Power cord length 180 cm
    • Depth 59.7 cm
    • Colour White
    • Climate class ST
    • Power supply voltage 220-240 V
    • Freezing class */****
    • Type of electric plug: Euro
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