Plită cu inducţie

  • Bridge


  • Timer


  • Stop&Go




HeatControl ChildLock Rapid preheating
Stop&Go Bridge Timer
Minute minder CookAdapt CheckPot
Booster AutoBridge Hob&Go
Heat maintenance 3 levels 42°C, 74°C, 94°C

Heating Zones

  • Booster induction zone 16 cm
  • Booster induction zone 21 cm
  • Booster induction zone 18 cm: 2 pcs.

Technical data

Net weight 10.5 kg Height 5.9 cm Width 57.6 cm
Depth 51.8 cm Total power 7.4 kW Number of heating zones / burners 4 pcs.
Type of finish: C-cut Hob colour Black Type of hob: Induction
Controls: Slider Power connection 400 V 2N. possibility of supply to 230 V. *32A protection required at 230 V Hob surface glass

Bridge Bridge

A family get-together. You bend over backwards to serve your meals on time. Now would be a good time to have a bigger heating zone where you could place a large, oval fish cooking pot for cooking... Is there a problem with that? Absolutely not! Hansa hobs feature the Bridge function with which you can connect heating zones. Just turn it on, and you don’t have to do anything else! Forget about unevenly warmed pots, whatever their size or shape, and enjoy your family gathering to the full.

Timer Timer

Specify how long the hob should run. When the time is up, the hob automatically turns off the heating zone, and beeps. Now you can use the Timer as an egg timer. With the Hansa hobs, a soft-boiled egg won’t ever turn out to be hard-boiled. Have full control over time!

  • Stop&Go


    Need to leave the kitchen for some time? The useful Stop&Go function turns off all active zones, and remembers their settings at the same time. On your return, just press the sensor again and turn the hob on. The induction zones will be the same as before.

  • Hob&Go


    Simply place your pot on the hob and start cooking. Placing the pot anywhere on the hob and it automatically activates the appropriate heating zone. All you need to do after that is set the desired heating power. Cooking has never before been so intuitive!

  • HeatControl


    The function informs you whether the zone is hot after taking the pot off the hob. For temperatures above 60°C, the letter 'H' appears on the display panel. Between 45°C and 60°C, the letter 'h' appears. Make your kitchen work more safe!

  • Booster


    Don’t waste time in the kitchen, when you can devote it to leisure! The Booster function can help you with that, as it increases the heating power, and allows you to prepare the meals quicker. Shorter cooking or frying time means less precious nutrients lost in the process. Quick and healthy!

  • ChildLock


    It’s easy to accidentally turn the hob on or off when you’re occupied with various activities in the kitchen. Especially if there are children in your home. To limit this risk, Hansa hobs are equipped with a special lock. Turn the lock, and you have full control. Safety for all household members!

  • Rapid preheating

    Rapid preheating

    Before frying or cooking, you often need to warm the pan or pot up. Hansa induction hobs feature the Rapid preheating function which quickly warms the dish, and then adapts the heating power to your selected level.

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