Bake and roast for fun

Baking takes time
A culinary work of art requires quality ingredients, a good oven and plenty of time. With advanced Hansa ovens, success is closer than you think: the stable temperature control and effective heat distribution ensure even baking. The nutritional value of our food is also very important, therefore with the slow cooking function, our food can be cooked slowly to preserve more nutrients and keep the juiciness. We can even leave the oven unattended and go out to pick up our child from the kindergarten or perhaps do some shopping: the Smart II programmer lets us control the unit via a smartphone app.

Perfection in every detail
A good meal goes a long way. Roasting a turkey or following a complex cake recipe is not a problem anymore. Pulling the baking trays out is easy with the telescopic guides, sturdy enough to ensure nothing falls out of the oven. The professional spit roaster combined with a toaster and top grill heater is useful for meat, especially poultry. Another feature that any keen meat roaster will enjoy is the temperature probe. Maintain the right temperature throughout the baking process for perfectly tender and juicy meat!

Multimedia ovens
The oven stores 37 different baking programs, supports Wi-Fi connectivity and even shows the weather forecast. Anything is possible with Hansa. Save your favourite recipes and control the oven time using an interactive touch screen. We can remotely control the oven from anywhere with the In Touch system and upload any information required via the USB.

Child safety
Hansa ovens are not just feature-rich, they also guarantee safety. The dedicated Pro Baby System includes the I-cool front door panel with a maximum temperature of 35 °C and a door lock. This means we can have our kids play beside us even while we are cooking.