Pyrolytic cleaning: forget scrubbing

Oven cleaning takes a lot of time. Removing baked-on food and scorched oil requires scrubbing with heavy-duty detergents. The good news is that new Hansa ovens have an automated pyrolytic oven cleaning function.

Magic without spells
We don't need any spells for these ovens to work their magic. The pyrolytic cleaning system uses extremely high temperatures to remove any residue in the oven cavity. Just select the self-cleaning program and set the duration. Organic resides will be burnt off at a temperature as high as 490ºC. This also removes any residues in those areas that are difficult to reach using a cloth or sponge.

Eco-friendly and safe
With pyrolytic oven cleaning, we no longer need heavy-duty, chemical-based detergents, which can be absorbed into the food. This cleaning method is 100% safe for our family. And don't worry about high temperatures inside or out: the four-panel CoolDoor4 glass and the fail-safe door lock guarantee safety throughout the cleaning process.

While heating the oven to extreme temperatures might seem expensive, in fact it's exceptionally economical. Thanks to the optimal use of energy during the self-cleaning our electricity bills won't go up. A single 150-minute cycle uses about 3.58 kWh. Periodic pyrolytic oven cleaning can be several times cheaper than traditional, detergent-based cleaning. Plus it saves us time, not just money.