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Heating food in a Hansa microwaves is quick and easy. Thanks to its special features, meals are suitably warm and their taste will gratify any palate.

Hot air circulation

Hot air circulation

Hot air circulation in microwave ovens operates on the same principle as in conventional cookers. This feature uses a ring-shaped heater and a fan, which ensure that the temperature is the same all around the microwave and that meals are uniformly heated.



The combined heating function enables dishes to be prepared using the grill and microwave. Depending on the combination of grill and microwave settings, this function is useful for preparing rice dishes, casseroles, baked potatoes or poultry. It guarantees thorough heating of the food and a crispy skin.


Aside from heating, defrosting is the most commonly selected function for microwave ovens. For this reason, Hansa has equipped its products with features that help to care for the users' health.

Defrosting by time and defrosting by weight

Defrosting by time and defrosting by weight

Defrosting by time minimises the overall time to defrost, which prevents bacteria growth. Defrosting by weight measures the products weight and selects the optimum defrosting conditions accordingly. Meals retain more flavour and their consumption is completely safe.


Electronic timer

Electronic timer

A modern solution that guarantees the accurate setting of the oven's work mode and its duration. The intuitive graphical menu streamlines microwave oven programming and the selection of the correct function. Ease of use translates to time saving and quickly prepared meals.

Microwave ovens

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  • Electronic control

    Thanks to the application of sensor control, the control panel is very easy to monitor and operate. With the Ts sensor programmer it is easy to monitor baking time and to set the time for the oven to be turned off.

  • Many power levels

    Power setting in microwave ovens depends on the dish we want to prepare and how much time we have for that. Apart from the maximum, medium, minimum and keep-warm settings, time defrosting option is quite useful.

  • LED display

    LED display makes it incredibly easy to keep the control panel clean. You can also monitor the time of cooking.

  • Combigrill

    Combigrill lets you prepare your dish using both the grill and microwaves. Depending on the grill and microwave power setting, it is useful when preparing rice, casserole, baked potatoes or poultry. It ensures that the dish is thoroughly heated up and crunchy crust.

  • Hot air circulation

    The new 3D hot air circulation provides improved heat distribution and constant circulation of hot air, which eliminates hot spots.

  • Multi Wave System

    A special system of 'propagation of microwaves' ensures perfectly uniform heating of food, also called spatial emission wave.

  • Quick start

    One click starts the microwave with its highest power for a short time.

  • Child Lock

    Prevents children from turning on the appliance, which means you and your family can avoid burns. The Child Lock also prevents children from changing the parameters while the appliance is in use.

  • Defrosting by time

    This is a special function that is ideal for defrosting many kinds of food, such as meat, fish, bread and cakes. Immediately available at your fingertips.

  • Defrosting by weight

    Based on the weight of a product, the microwave oven automatically adjusts the time needed to defrost food. This means that the optimal defrosting time is achieved which, in turn, prevents the growth of bacteria.

  • I-touch free

    Because of the special coating, this function allows you to touch the surface without making it dirty. This means no more fingertip greasemarks and more time to spend with the family rather than on time-consuming cleaning.

  • 13 auto programmes

    Automatic programmes make dish preparing faster and more convenient. Just choose appropriate weight or number of portions and dish type and microwave will automatically select the best parameters.

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